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The Journey Continues…

I begin my long journey home this morning. These journeys are made long not just by the geographical distance but by the relationships that I leave behind. Don’t get me wrong! I can’t wait to get home and see my family and my friends and even to get back to the office. However leaving behind the good work of our brothers and sisters in Ghana is always a difficult task.

This week I was able to witness leadership from over a dozen Christian denominations come together and begin strategizing about how they will reach their region of the world for Christ. There was no argument over territory nor was there any controversy over doctrine. It seemed that the overwhelming priority was that people need to know Christ. What a concept!

I was also able to assist with the distribution of mosquito nets, which is always a blessing. Just knowing that these nets will provide protection from malaria and save countless lives is well worth the experience.

Worship on Sunday mornings is always full of energy and passion. You can feel it in the drumbeat, hear it in the voices singing strong, sense it in the word as it is preached, and know it is genuine through the prayers and fellowship of the people.

I am a little jealous as another team from Virginia headed out this morning to plant churches for the day. I wish I was with them or that I could hear their stories when they return this evening. I know they will be blessed and will bring blessing to others.

Well, my ride has arrived. Time to go. My next trip is already on the calendar and I am excited about what the it will hold. Could it possibly beat this? Maybe. Probably. Expectantly.

Dean Miller