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2014 Alma Hunt Offering Emphasis: Impact! Mission Camps

Impact! Mission CampsImpact! Mission Camps is the umbrella term we give to our hands-on mission camps for students.

Impact! Virginia is our ‘classic’ mission camp that gives students the chance to share Christ’s love through home repair and renovation.

This summer’s Impact camp received coverage in local media. Additionally, the Impact camp in Gloucester received gubernatorial recognition.

Impact! Metro focuses on the urban setting and engages students in urban culture.

Impact! International exposes students to the needs and cultures of our international partners and Impact! Now responds to natural disasters when such a camp is deemed useful in the response.

Prayer: Father, You sent us Jesus to IMPACT our world by transforming our hearts. Let us pass along The Good News as we become Your vessels of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Amen.

AH-2013-Emphasis-and-Goal-LargeEvery day through the month of September, we will feature a specific allocation that the Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions helps fund.

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