April 23, 2015
Yesterday: Our BGAV History with Fred Anderson

History photo

A group of early campers at Camp Alkulana

Bright Eyes

The name means "Bright Eyes" and for a century Camp Alkulana has brightened the eyes of Richmond youth and especially youth of the inner-city. For most of its existence the camp was an expression of "woman's work," envisioned, embraced and enabled by the Woman's Missionary Union of Richmond Baptists. It was a part of the great camping movement which swept America in the early Twentieth Century and was linked to the "settlement houses" or, as the Baptists called them, the "Goodwill Centers" of Richmond. Children and youth who were benefited from the Centers were prime candidates for the summer camping experience. Read more.

Today: "God Moments" in Portsmouth

History photo

The thank-you cards being handed out by Westhaven Baptist Church to the underappreciated

Thanking Those Who Are Underappreciated
Every day we encounter folks who work in various service positions where they serve others all day and are rarely thanked; they also often find themselves on the frontline in dealing with customer complaints. The congregation of Westhaven Baptist Church has found a wonderful way to thank these who are underappreciated. Along the way, members are experiencing "God Moments" as God nudges them to respond in faith. Find out more about their experiences on the BGAV Blog.

Tomorrow: Events That Inform and Inspire

Forum 2015 theme

Forum 2015: A Youth and Young Adult Ministry Training Event
May 18–19, 2015
Virginia Baptist Resource Center, Richmond

The theme of this year's Forum is "Room for Everyone." Today, making room for everyone means opening your ministry to those who are hurting, disabled, and burdened with physical and mental health challenges.

Make plans to attend and bring your ministry leaders to hear Amy Jacober, a ministry leader who focuses her time on those who are marginalized. Dr. Jacober is author of The Adolescent Journey: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Practical Youth Ministry.

Register online now!

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief and Response
All you have to do is tune into the weather forecast to know that wild weather is happening throughout the country. When disaster strikes, whether from weather related damage or other natural disasters, those impacted often need encouragement and a helping hand. Virginia Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers are trained and ready to respond.

The BGAV offers Disaster Relief Training and Certification so you can be ready to serve as a Disaster Relief volunteer.

Upcoming Training Opportunities:

Missio Alliance

Missio Alliance
May 7–9, 2015
Alexandria, VA
"Missio Alliance is a fellowship of churches, denominations, schools, and networks partnering together to see the Church in North America equipped for fuller and more faithful participation in God's mission."

The BGAV is a proud sponsor of the Missio Alliance North American Gathering—"Being Truly Human: Re-Imagining the Resurrectional Life."

You're invited to join others to imagine anew what it means to be "raised in Christ." Take advantage of this opportunity to participate on May 7–9 in Alexandria—space is limited, so sign up today.

Sign up now using the code BGAV2015 and receive 25% off!

Preparing for Retirement Seminars

Preparing for Retirement Seminars
If you're planning to retire within the next 5–10 years, make time to attend one of these seminars so you’ll be ready when the time comes.

All seminars are held from 9:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

May 11, 2015 West Hampton Baptist Church, Hampton

May 12, 2015 Salem Baptist Church, Fredericksburg

May 13, 2015 Bonsack Baptist Church, Roanoke

May 14, 2015 Virginia Baptist Resource Center, Richmond

May 15, 2015 Columbia Baptist Church, Falls Church

Prayer Point
As summer approaches, leaders are preparing for camps and mission trips taking place over the next several months across the state. Pray for the staff at Camp Piankatank, Eagle Eyrie, Camp Alkulana and the leaders of all the Impact! Virginia mission events.