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Annual Church Profile

The Information Services Team provides assistance for churches and associations in completing the ACP, an annual survey used to collect statistics and staff information from BGAV churches.

The ACP provides a knowledgeable look at the growth and potential of each church and can help churches and the BGAV establish trends and research new ways to minister.

What is an ACP?

Annual Church Profile chartThe Annual Church Profile (ACP for short) is a process of collecting data from Virginia Baptist Churches.  Some of the information collected and compiled includes: church leadership, membership, Sunday school, Baptisms, Discipleship, Financial Information, Vacation Bible School, and Missions.

Your dedication and support of the ACP process is greatly appreciated.

Why complete an Annual Church Profile (ACP)?

  • To assist church planting in reaching people groups
  • To have a testimony to the Work that God is doing within your church
  • To analyze statistical relationships within the reported data
  • To prioritize areas of the state where evangelism and new churches are most needed
  • To identify and highlight churches that are doing a good job in certain areas (e.g. children’s evangelism)
  • To watch trends in total membership, Sunday School attendance, Worship attendance, giving, church growth, etc to determine where resources may be needed
  • To identify particular staff that may benefit from resources provided to Churches such as Leadership Conferences

It is so important for each church to be part of ACP Reporting as it provides a knowledgeable look at the growth and potential of BGAV Churches. Through the ACP process, trends can be established and new ways to minister to churches identified.

The Baptist General Association of Virginia uses this information to further the Kingdom Advance and are counting on you to help make a difference.

ACP articles recently seen in the news indicate . . .

  • …. completing the ACP is important and informs the state convention of how many people congregation’s and association’s won to Christ in the past year.
  • …. that if a congregation attempts to secure a building loan, the ACP report can be used to convince loan officers that the church can handle the financial encumbrance.
  • …. the state convention uses ACP reports to plan church planting and church strengthening strategies.
  • …. the congregation can use previous and current ACPs to plot trends and visually illustrate growth or decline.
  • …. that when a new pastor or staff member comes to a church, it (ACP) gives the new pastor insight into the life of the church.
  • …. that by completing the ACP you are serving all congregations across the Southern Baptist Convention in the sense that congregations can look at the ACP data for any congregation to aid them in calling a pastor.
  • …. that in some state conventions, churches are required to complete an Annual Church Profile to be considered cooperating.

For more information about the ACP process or instructions for completing the ACP for your church, please contact Melody Fowler, Data Entry Coordinator, by email or phone, 800.255.2428, ext. 1207.