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Certification in Children’s Ministry

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The Certification in Children’s Ministry is designed for those involved in ministry to children and their families. The program is offered through the BGAV Ministry Equipping Network and includes four Core Courses that provide a foundation for biblical teaching and developing a discipleship ministry to reach across age groups. In addition, concentration courses in Children’s Ministry are designed to help participants gain a deeper understanding of how children develop and learn so that the church can better engage them and help them to become life-long followers of Christ.

Ideal for those who:

  • Are interested in a life-time commitment to ministering to children and their families
  • Lead the children’s ministry in local congregations
  • Are seminary graduates who now want to specialize in children’s ministry
  • Are considering a seminary degree
  • Are not seminary graduates

Core Certification Courses:

  • Developmental Stages & Ages
  • Teaching Techniques/Approaches
  • Bible Study Basics
  • The Family of God

Children’s Ministry Courses:

In addition to the four core courses, for certification, students must complete pre and post work for any course as assigned by the instructor, the three required Children’s Ministry courses, and one additional Children’s Ministry course as an elective.

Participants may take a single course or enroll in a Certification program. If, after taking individual courses, the participant decides to pursue certification, he/she must complete the assigned pre/post work for those courses and pay the additional costs of certification.

  • Children’s Ministry 101*
  • Best Practices of Teaching Children*
  • Choosing and Evaluating Curriculum*
  • Special Needs
  • Children in Worship (both separate and corporate)
  • Children in Crisis

*required for certification



To register, contact Karen Rackett.

Upcoming Course(s)

Contact our office for more information on upcoming events.


Karen Rackett : [staff-title] Karen Rackett
Congregational Field Staff Administrative Assistant
800.255.2428 or 804.915.5000, ext. 2243
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