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Resources for Children & Preschoolers

Downloadable Resources – Preschool and Children

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Downloadable Resources – Children Only

Resources to Use with Parents and Children Together

At Home With God: Family Devotions for the School Year
Anne Broyles, Sue Downing, Paul and Elizabeth Lynd Escamilla, Marilyn Brown Oden, Upper Room Books, 2002.
Designed to bring a family together in worship at home for 10 to 15 minutes each day with no advance preparation.

Bringing God Home – Family Devotions for the Christian Year
James L. Evans, Smyth & Helwys, 1995.
A resource for family worship and devotions. Each day includes a Scripture passage and worship activity which can be completed in 10-15 minutes.

Firm Foundations for Families
Ann Tonks, 2008.
Provided by Baptist General Association of Virginia, this free-source contains six interactive learning resources for parents and 1st–6th graders dealing with basic Biblical principles such as baptism, tithing, the Lord’s Supper, and church membership.

Fun Excuses to Talk About God – 48 No-Fuss Family Devotions
Joani Schultz, Group Publishing, 1997.
Busy lives sometimes prevent families from sharing in family devotions. Here are 48 low-preparation, thought-provoking devotions that take 10-15 minutes. Families will use everyday items and situations to discover Bible truths while they eat, ride in the car or take a walk.

Family Time with God: Bible Story Activities for Every Day
Peg Augustine, Abingdon Press, 2004.
A helpful way for parents to share their faith with their children including Bible stories, talk points and simple activities.

Learning God’s Stories Together
Dorothy Henderson with Lisa-Dawn McKenzie, The Presbyterian Church in Canada, 2007.
A resource to help develop an all-ages learning program which includes a wealth of practical advice. Part one explains the theory and practice of all-ages learning; part two consists of 20 story sessions.

Raising Up Spiritual Champions
Jean K. Lawson, Gospel Light, 2007.
Each reproducible newsletter highlights quick and easy age-appropriate activities and includes bonus fun ideas to help families enjoy learning together about patience, generosity, gratefulness and more.

Side by Side: Families Learning and Living Faith Together
Delia Halverson, Abingdon Press, 2002.
Nine 45 to 60-minute complete classroom sessions, focusing on specific topics and themes, for family-oriented Sunday School where parents and children learn about the Christian faith together.

Take It Home: Inspiration and Events to Help Parents Spiritually Transform Their Children
Mark Holmen and Dave Teixeira, Gospel Light, 2008.
If we want our children to have a faith that is “impressed on their hearts” (Deut. 6), we must reestablish the home as the primary place where faith is nurtured. Teaches families how to fit Christ into the center of their homes and their children’s hearts.

Resources to Use With Children

Becoming Like Christ: Helping Children Follow Jesus
Janice Haywood, Wilma Heflin, Karen Metcalf, Rachel Sciretti, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, 2009.
Six lessons to help children understand the unique role of Jesus in God’s redemptive plan for people and how they can choose to become Christ followers. Designed for 4th-6th grades, or 9-11 year olds.

Helping Kids Through Tough Times
Doris Sanford, Standard Publishing, 1995.
Reproducible “help” sheets can aid parents in guiding their children through the tough times of life including adoption, death, divorce, illness and many others.

Raising Up Spiritual Champions Raising Up Spiritual Champions: How to Teach Children to Think and ACT like Jesus (ISBN 0-8307-3293-4)
8 sessions teaching unit for children in grades 4-6. Includes 2 CD-ROMs.

We Are Baptists: Studies for Younger Elementary Children
Jeffrey D. Jones and Debra L. Sutton, Judson Press, 2000.
14 flexible, Scripture-based sessions can be shortened into a 6-week program or fully explored to help children learn more about Baptist identity and beliefs.

We Are Baptists: Studies for Older Elementary Children
Jeffrey D. Jones, Judson Press, 2000.
14 flexible, Scripture-based sessions can be shortened into a 6-week program or fully explored to help children learn more about Baptist identity and beliefs.

Resources to Use with Parents

Discipline with Children and Teens
Jim Williams, Abingdon Press, 2004.
This DVD includes all the content needed for leading an effective parenting class.

The Hurt that They Feel The Hurt that They Feel: Helping Preschoolers Deal with Tough Issues (ISBN 1-56309-839-3)
Deals with such issues as family violence, anger, terrorism, death, divorce. Each chapter ends with “reflection and application” for use in a parenting group.

Opening Your Child’s Spiritual Windows Opening Your Child’s Spiritual Windows
Cheri Fuller (ISBN 0-310-22449-7)
Deals with worship, prayer, Bible learning, helping, church. Contains chapter relative to faith & moral development in preschoolers and children.