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Alma Hunt Offering 15 for 15: Impact! Mission Camps

Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions (VBMB)

In the three weeks leading up to the Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions emphasis week (September 8-15, 2013), we’re publishing 15 blog posts highlighting each of the 15 allocations the Virginia Baptist Mission Board receives from the offering.

You may view the full list of the VBMB allocations as well as WMU of Virginia’s allocations. Additionally, please see all “15 for 15″ posts.

What is the Alma Hunt Offering? Find the answer to that question and more at AlmaHunt.org.

#7 – Impact! Mission Camps: $20,000

Each year over 1,300 students across Virginia participate in an Impact! Mission Camp. Impact! Mission Camps is the umbrella term we give to our hands-on mission camps for students. [Check out the Impact! Facebook page!]

impact-missions-campImpact! Virginia is our ‘classic’ mission camp that gives students the chance to share Christ’s love through home repair and renovation.

Impact! Metro focuses on the urban setting and engages students in urban culture.

Impact! International exposes students to the needs and cultures of our international partners.

Impact! Now responds to natural disasters when such a camp is deemed useful in the response.

These opportunities engage students with one of the best educational tools that we can provide – service. It is amazing to see the lives of those receiving as well as those who give being changed for the cause of Christ.

Funds are used to purchase appropriate project supplies and materials, provide resources for the orientation of leadership, the training of students, and the spiritual equipping of teenagers.

The goal is to equip them beyond their week of service so they return home ready to engage in a lifestyle of mission.