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Alma Hunt Offering 15 for 15: Latino Ministries in Virginia

Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions (VBMB)

In the three weeks leading up to the Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions emphasis week (September 8-15, 2013), we’re publishing 15 blog posts highlighting each of the 15 allocations the Virginia Baptist Mission Board receives from the offering.

You may view the full list of the VBMB allocations as well as WMU of Virginia’s allocations. Additionally, please see all “15 for 15″ posts.

What is the Alma Hunt Offering? Find the answer to that question and more at AlmaHunt.org.

#8 – Latino Ministries in Virginia: $7,000


LUCHA Ministries, Inc. helps immigrants with limited English skills become more productive, integrated, and involved in their local communities. Its primary focus is on persons who have difficulty in adapting to US culture and need extra help.

As it partners with churches, social service agencies, and other human needs organizations, LUCHA offers a holistic approach to meeting needs and sharing Christ.

Funds from the Alma Hunt Offering help provide for ongoing ministries, such as ESL, emergency assistance, counseling and pastoral care, help with basic human needs, and a ministry to youth, children, and their families.

LUCHA also provides cultural competency training and offers mentoring and internships for students interested in working with Latinos.

Learn more about Latino Ministries.