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At the Table

Posted: 3/18/2019 at 3:30pm. Article by Greg LeMaster.

We have started a Dinner Church (called At the Table) at Graceland Baptist Church over the past several months. It is going very well, and we just served a bountiful Thanksgiving meal to many people from our Food Pantry ministry who were here that day. They were blessed and we were so very blessed!

Several individuals who attend Graceland are funding this awesome ministry, and God has provided for our needs. We are fine with financial resources, and we are growing with much fruit as we love on the people from our Food Pantry as well as all others in our community. 
We always have a Jesus story along with the meal and ask for any takeaways from the passage regarding what God may be saying to us. We have had a few young people provide music on the piano while we are at the table.

Relationships are growing as we meet the physical needs but also give them spiritual food as well.

The other big thing that has been so awesome is praying for the individual prayer needs for the folks. Sometimes we have had the privilege to lay hands over them as we pray for them. Some of the folks tell us that they never have gotten this much good fellowship from any other churches they have ever attended.

Relationships are growing as we meet the physical needs but also give them spiritual food as well. 
We now have a new opportunity to start another Dinner Church with our
Veterans of War. We see several of these men and women when we go to a
local coffee shop in Powhatan where I hold one of our house fellowship
gatherings. We have a couple of members of that fellowship who feel called to start a Veterans Dinner Church.

In addition to these members, we have a Nigerian father (from another of
our house church fellowships) whose son is a Veteran. His son has PTSD
from the war in Iraq.

He knows another man, who is part of another one of our house church fellowships, who works at a Therapeutic Horse Riding Center for Vets. The Horse Riding Center has 20 Vets who attend every Tuesday, and they are open to us having a Dinner Church there at the center on those days. They have a banquet room there to for us to use which will provide a place for this new faith community. 
Most of these men do not attend a local church, and this Fresh Expression would be a fantastic way to provide a place where they can come and be loved on, make new friends, get a good meal, hear a Jesus story, experience the love of Christ, and be prayed over. I know God is on the move with these Dinner Churches!

This story was written by Greg LeMaster, Associate Pastor of Education and Outreach at Graceland Baptist Church in Powhatan, VA. Would your church like to start a Fresh Expression in your community? Apply by June 1 for a micro-grant to help you get started at https://freshexpressionsus.org/grants/