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Belonging and Becoming Bon Air in Ghana Day 2

Day 2 on the field was filled with many new challenges for the team. Baptisms, Church planting, Tribal wars and more.  We set out on the day knowing it was going to be a long day but we didn’t know what all the Lord would put in front of us.

We took off to head some 70 miles from our home base in Yendi to do baptist and plant churches. Four of us would be baptizing 34 people, which is an amazing thing for us to take part in. Mike Hartsock, Daniel Schulman, David Toler and Me (Otis Hall) took our water to prepare for this great adventure. When the 34 people arrived to the site of the pool off the highway everyone was excited. There was prayer, singing, and rejoicing for those who had come to do this public profession of faith. For all of us this was the first time baptizing at all much less in a pool on the side of the road. What a glorious time it was.

After we finished the baptisms, we drove even farther out to plant 4 new churches: Immanuel, Timothy, Galilee, and Grace Baptist Churches. The process is amazing: Mustapha and his team introduce the idea of a church to the village then one of our team would give their testimony and share the gospel. After which the people were asked if that believed in Jesus and if so would they like a baptist church planted in their village; then they were asked to select leaders from amongst themselves. It was such a beautiful thing to see the people come forward to be part of the formation of the church.

After the church planting we set off home and ran into the middle of a intra-tribe fighting. We all prayed as we drove through the area of bimbilla to reach home. God was good and we passed through with out incident. After such a day of highs and more highs the team needed much rest.

Pray for us as tomorrow, we will go back to hanging nets to attempt finish the 1000 nets and the two villages that we are hanging them in. Pray for the people of Bimbilla, that they find peace and rest in the coming days.