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Belonging and Becoming Bon Air in Ghana Day 3

Day 3 on the field was another day of discovery for the team. After the long day yesterday we set out a little later to distribute the nets. We had about ~400 more nets to go. The team took to the goal finishing our goal of ~1000 net. Along the way we got to interact with the people of the villages. We pray for the families we met. We played with the children. We got to hear the stories of the men and women that work with this incredible ministry and what God has done in their lives took our breath away. We finished nets in the two villages we started in and only had a few nets left from the 1000. What a great accomplishment!!

I got the the honor to go and visit the North-Eastern Christian Academy to begin to set up a pen pal program with the children in our church. While there I got the privilege tour the new future school building. It is an amazing endeavor for future of education in the village of Yendi.

The stories of the day where:

1) A man that we had met on the teams previous net day who had let us enter his house to hang nets but clearly has house Gods and idols. Found us an asked to pray to receive Christ. We all rejoiced at the hearing of this story in the evening.

2) During the morning session of the nets the pastors and area leaders went out into the community to practice using the Evangecube to share the gospel. This team prayed with 57 people to receive Christ. What a glorious thing to happen while we were here in Ghana.

In our time of reflections the word that were used were honored, joyful, compassion, hospitality and hope.  The words held powerful stories in the hearts of our team here. Each spoke their work and gave explanation of what it meant.

One said ” I have developed a whole new level of compassion for people. I just want to be able to help them but it more complicated than I thought it would be. ”

Gods work with us is never done. The work here in Ghana is a miraculous thing that is making visible changed in the people for the kingdom of God. This is most definitely More than Nets. We give thanks to Muss and his people for not just hanging nets, not just planting churches but also walking alongside those whom they meet. Being bold enough to speak truth to light and share the gospel even standing in a room filled with idols.

They are truly creating a place to belong and a place to become of the people here in Ghana and beyond.

Please continue to pray for the team as we go out to plant new churches tomorrow!!!