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Belonging and Becoming Bon Air in Ghana Day 5

Good Sunday morning to you all,

Today is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. Today is Sunday and we will get to go to CHURCH. I am so excited to have been part of service where all are free to express themselves. Bon Air got to be leader in the preaching at five services today Pastor Tom, Otis, Daniel, Mike, and David all delivered the word. God’s word was preached and children was taught, the people sang and God was glorified.

What a beautiful day it was to spend the morning and early afternoon in worship. To dance with my brothers and sisters of Ghana and to be privileged to want some new people pray to receive Christ. There is something amazing for me to watch 9 churches come together to have church under a tree, and watch them all blend together, that no one was worried about who campus we came to or which pastor was leading. We just became the church. We all sang we presiding God together.

I just know that this is what Gods Church is supposed to be.

This for me clearly shows us that Gods church is a place to belong and a place to become!!!


Pray for us as we go to spend time with the children at the school tomorrow and that this evening will give a time to rest and reflect on what God has said to us here in Ghana.