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Belonging and Becoming Bon Air in Ghana Day 6

Day 6 on the field is brought us to the school. It was a morning of great joy for the team. We got to attend opening assembly at the North Easternt Christian Academy in Yendi. We watched and participated in the opening songs. We visited the classrooms, taught some English, Science, and some Social Studies concerning plane, trains and automobiles.  We also collect the 60+ letters we are taking back to begin our pen pal exchange between the children of Bon Air and the Children at the Christian school in Yendi.

It is my hope that this exchange will expand each sides world view. We are striving to teach our children the vision of a place to belong a place to become. With this pen pal initiative we are looking to show them that they belong not just to a church in Richmond but also a larger Kingdom of God; and also that they will become important to someone else on the other side of the ocean if they continue their covenant with their pen pal.

The end of the day brought us back to home base to reflect and begins the winding down from the intensity of the previous days.

This trip has been amazing. God has bless me with an amazing team, in an amazing place to lead my first trip as mission pastor.

Thank you for showing me that I also get to have a place to belong and a place to become both at Bon Air and in the Kingdom.