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Belonging and Becoming Bon Air in Ghana Day 4

Today the team had the honor to go out and plant 4 more churches. We split the team in to 2 groups which late divided into 3 groups.  Pastor Muss and Pastor Tom took on group and went to plant a church which was named Onley Hope Baptist Church. Our Team led be me and Pastor Mike planted Faith, Hope, and Dorcas Baptist Church.

I can’t explain to you the joy of sharing the gospel from your heart or hearing the members of you team share from their heart and watch the people respond to the call to receive Christ.

At the end of the day today we as a team have hung +/- 1000, planted 8 churches, watch 800 people raise their hands to receive Christ and pray the prayer of salvation. What a great God we serve.

Our goal as a church is to follow the vision of a place to belong a place to become. We get the chance to watch that lived out here in Ghana. Everyone here is part of some thing bigger than themselves. They understand that we are created to be in community. We looked at that tonight and began processing how do we live out the things that we seen here.  What can we bring back to help us live out what we believe is that purpose of our church.

Please pray for is a tomorrow is Sunday and we will be preaching in 5 different locations. 3 of the men preaching this will be their first sermon.