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Welcome to the BGAV: Gospel Community Church – Rivermont

Posted: 8/20/2018 at 7:10am. Article by Andrew Moroz.

Andrew Moroz tells about Gospel Community Church – Rivermont, where he serves as Teaching Pastor, and why their church chose to join the BGAV:

In 2017 Gospel Community Church merged with the historic Rivermont Avenue Baptist Church, becoming Gospel Community Church – Rivermont (GCCR). This has launched both churches into a new season of ministry. We are still navigating the changes, but we are grateful to God for new ministry opportunities and fruit.

GCCR exists to glorify God by making disciples who love God, grow in community, and reach out with the love of Jesus Christ. From the corner of Bedford and Rivermont Avenues in Lynchburg, VA, we worship Jesus and preach his gospel.  Above all, we aim to bring glory to God, to equip followers of Christ, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide our ministry.

On Sundays, you will find a predominantly contemporary worship service that contains aspects of traditional worship, liturgy, and prayer. During the week, we gather in community groups and serve our city. Throughout the year, we fulfill the Great Commission around the world through our global partners and church planters.

We partnered with the BGAV primarily because of the new initiatives and the missional vision of the association. We see this partnership mutually life-giving, as GCCR shares some of its resources while benefiting from the what BGAV has to offer. We trust that more people will be reached and discipled for Jesus.

Learn more about Gospel Community Church – Rivermont at www.gospelcc.org.

In the past decade, churches from inside and outside Virginia and also outside the U.S. have become members of the BGAV because of their desire to connect with the engaging ministries, resources, and partnerships we offer. Gospel Community Church – Rivermont is one our newer members, as they joined BGAV in 2018. Please be in prayer for all our member churches–those who are new, those who’ve been around since 1823, and all those in between.