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BGAV College Scholarship Recipient: Eliza Green

Posted: 11/7/18 at 9:00am.

Eliza Green is a member of Blacksburg Baptist Church in Blacksburg, VA. She studies at Radford University, double majoring in dance and psychology.

Eliza attributes some of her emerging spiritual maturity to her involvement in college Bible study. “Growing up overseas, many people came and went. So, finding community was difficult,” she explained.

“This fear of trusting people impacted my walk with God. It wasn’t until attending a college Bible study that I realized God wanted to love me through community; therefore, I had to trust them. Then my walk with God deepened.”

She is particularly grateful for her experiences with BGAV.

“Through BGAV, I spent a life-changing six weeks in Romania with Project Ruth. I am thankful for the BGAV’s Venturers Program, as it required updates to supporters, an opportunity to build community with other Venturers before and after, and a thorough debriefing,” she said.

“They provided support during the six weeks while letting us be submerged in the culture. Out of the many amazing BGAV programs, this is my favorite as my life has been powerfully impacted by it, and I am thankful it is available to others.”

Through Cooperative Missions offerings, the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) provides scholarships and ministerial education funds for eligible Virginia Baptist students who need aid in financing their education. BGAV Scholarships and Ministerial Education Funds can help students earn an undergraduate degree, pursue undergraduate or graduate education in preparation for vocational ministry, or access training and continuing education opportunities.

Once each month, we are featuring a current-year scholarship recipient on our blog to help our readers get to know these promising students. Please pray for them as they study and seek to discern God’s will for their lives.