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BGAV Elects 2020 Officers, Concludes Annual Meeting with Worship

Left to right: Carol Johnston, Adam Tyler, Ronald Gravatt, Herbert Ponder, Becky McKinney

Posted: 11/15/19 at 3:00pm. Article by Will Cumbia.

ROANOKE, VAThe Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) concluded its Annual Meeting at Bonsack Baptist Church with its final business session and worship service Wednesday morning. 

The Uptick Artists led the congregation in a spirit-centered time of worship to start the morning. Richard Martin presided over the conclusion of the business meeting.

The 2020 budget was passed with no questions followed by a unanimous affirmative vote.

Reggie Warren, chair of the resolutions committee, expressed his thanks as he proposed a Resolution of Appreciation for Bonsack Baptist Church and for the many BGAV leaders who hosted, organized, and implemented this year’s annual meeting. 

Adam Tyler, a lifelong Virginia Baptist, long-time BGAV church pastor, and current BGAV First Vice President, was nominated and elected to serve next year as president.

Ronald Gravatt was elected as 1st Vice President. Additionally, messengers elected Carol Johnston as 2nd Vice President, and Herbert Ponder was reelected to serve as clerk. The body also approved new Mission Council members. 

Becky McKinney was approved as chair of the Executive Board. Boyce Brannock, Kevin Meadows, Rachel Pierce, and Herbert Ponder were all nominated and elected to serve on the Executive Board.

BGAV Executive Director, John Upton, expressed appreciation and administered certificates of gratitude for standing committee chairs including, Patti Spragg, Credentials Committee; Laura Gravatt, Tellers Committee; Tommy McDearis, Scholarships and Ministerial Education Funds Committee; Scott Curtis, Program Committee; Mat Brown and Shawn White, Christian Life Committee;  Nancy Stanton McDaniel, Committee on Memorials; Tim Madison, Committee on Boards and Committees; Rick Lohr, Religious Liberty Committee; and Reggie Warren, Committee on Resolutions.

Upton then expressed gratitude for two outgoing members of the Executive Board. Michael Cheuk and Michael Jordan, for their service the past years.

Richard Martin, outgoing BGAV president, signed his name in a commemorative Bible signed by all past BGAV presidents. Upton then prayed for and commissioned the new officers.

After an intermission, the meeting continued with a worship time with music led by BGAV’s Uptick Artists. Nancy Stanton McDaniel then presided over a time of memorial and reflection, remembering those BGAV pastors and friends who have passed away in the past year. 

Scot McKnight, the keynote speaker for the week, brought his final message. McKnight shared an interactive and lively reading of the letter of Philemon. Through the interpretive reading, he parsed out the Kingdom spirit of reconciliation found in Paul’s words and encouraged those to mirror that spirit in a divisive culture. 

“As children of God, we are called to a peace and a unity that transcends while recognizing that we are not always going to agree,“ he said. He finished by noting that in heaven, all will be reconciled together before joining in singing God’s praises. 

Following McKnight, Upton shared some closing remarks, thanking the speakers, pastors, Uptick Artist band, staff, and volunteers for their service during the week. He encouraged those present to go out in a spirit of renewal and reconciliation back to their communities. 

New BGAV President, Adam Tyler, prayed the final benediction and officially adjourned the meeting. 

The 197th Annual Meeting of the BGAV will be held November 9-11, 2020 in Hampton, VA.

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