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BGAV Ministerial Scholarship Recipient: Brendan Jamieson

Posted: 2/6/18 at 9:00am.

Brendan Jamieson is a member of All Souls Church in Charlottesville, VA. He is a student at Northern Seminary, where he is pursuing a Master’s degree in Theology and Mission.

Brendan is one of the 2018-19 recipients of a BGAV scholarship for ministerial education funds. 

“I grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska,” he explained. “My family was not religious, and I grew up with zero exposure to either the Bible or a church. During my senior year of high school, I liked a girl in my orchestra class. One day after school, she gave me a box and told me to open it at home. Inside were a Bible and a letter. The letter explained her Christian faith, and she invited me to consider talking with her about it.”

Brendan said the girl also suggested that he start reading in the Gospel of John and in the Psalms. And though he was initially angry about what she did, eventually his anger gave way to something else.

“I had never met a girl like her, and I knew I would regret walking away. So I started reading in the Gospel of John, and was almost instantly captivated. Along with reading the Bible, I also began talking with the girl, Leah, and also began reading other authors like C. S. Lewis. After several months of serious consideration, I arrived at a moment when I realized I could not go back and pretend I didn’t know what I knew about Jesus.” 

Shortly after that, he prayed to receive Jesus.

At All Souls Church, Brendan has become familiar with BGAV’s Uptick ministry. “I love its focus on raising up and equipping leaders,” he commented. “I’ve seen the fruit of this ministry in the lives of graduates like David Bailey and others.” Brendan is also interested in global missions.

Regarding his calling, Brendan said, “I believe God has called me here, to be a pastor at All Souls Charlottesville. I’m committed to being here for as long as God will have me! I believe a Master’s degree in Theology and Mission will help me to be faithfully equipped for that ministry.”

Through Cooperative Missions offerings, the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) provides scholarships and ministerial education funds for eligible Virginia Baptist students who need aid in financing their education. BGAV Scholarships and Ministerial Education Funds can help students earn an undergraduate degree, pursue undergraduate or graduate education in preparation for vocational ministry, or access training and continuing education opportunities.

Once each month, we are featuring a current-year scholarship recipient on our blog to help our readers get to know these promising students. Please pray for them as they study and seek to discern God’s will for their lives.