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BGAV Pastor Recommends Campbell’s Rural Clergy Fellows Program

Posted: 9/11/20 at 2:00pm. Written by Bryon LePere.

This past year I participated in the Rural Clergy Fellows Program through Campbell University. My personal goals were to evaluate where I have been and how God is speaking into my future.

The information and assessments I received over the past year have benefited me both personally and professionally. There are many things I appreciated about this program, three of which I will highlight here.

First, there was no preconceived destination for the participants. Understanding that while there are some similarities, each person is still in their own particular ministry location and context, so the outcomes would not be the same across the board.

Secondly, ministry can be lonely, so having some extended quality time in small group conversation with peers was a tremendous blessing. Sometimes we got very deep in the weeds regarding a specific topic; and other times we simply enjoyed sharing and supporting each other in life together.

Finally, I believe the resources we were given were excellent and far more than I could have paid for by myself. Beyond the program leaders who have years of experience in this field, dozens of outside people and materials also blessed me with tools that will continue to inform and impact my ministry for years to come.

Whatever stage of life or ministry you find yourself in, if you are looking for something to bless and stretch you in life-long learning, I recommend this program to you.

Bryon LePere is pastor of Buena Vista Baptist Church in Buena Vista, VA. The Rural Clergy Fellows Program is offered by Campbell University, a ministry partner of BGAV. To learn more about the program or apply, click here and visit their site. They are now accepting applications for the next cohort, which will begin in January 2021.