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Day 3: The Bible Brought to Life

Today, February 2, the Appomattox Baptist Association team headed far afield to plant churches and baptize. The team helped plant 3 churches (Harmony, Providence, and Grace Hills) and baptized 69 people. However, the most fascinating story of the day happened in a few moments of waiting, as the team van took newly baptized believers home and the team enjoyed a bite of lunch. Rev. Adam Tyler, of Grace Hills Baptist Church, shared some thoughts on this:

“In the heat of the day, our team was sitting beside the road, enjoying the delicious lunch Emmanuel Mustapha’s wife had prepared for us. A motorbike rode up with a single rider. He paused, as several had during our break, to consider this odd group of Americans by the roadside. But this rider did more. The young man lifted his motorcycle helmet’s visor and asked who we were. Emmanuel Mustapha answered, ‘We are Baptist missionaries. We are telling people about Jesus. Do you know Jesus?’ The rider answered, ‘Not really, but I would like to know him.’ Before the rest of us knew it, ‘Muss’ had invited the motorbike rider over to the side. He spoke with him for several minutes before beckoning the team over. This young man, named Samuel, was visibly moved. Muss had helped him understand Jesus more clearly, and Samuel wanted to follow Jesus as Lord. The team joined Muss in praying for Samuel, and then Muss made a connection between the young man and Joseph, one of the area pastors in the region who will follow up with him. Seldom have I seen a story from Scripture brought to life today, but this was as close to a modern retelling of Philip and the Ethiopian from Acts 8 as I could ever imagine! What a joy for this young man to now be a brother in Christ!”