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Bon Air Baptist Church In Ghana: Day 4

Day four for the team was a day of words.

They were used to continue the World Hope Bible Institute training for the pastors to day they continued their work in Hermeneutics tomorrow they will begin working on the doctrine of Salvation.

We used them in the sewing clinic as we begin to teach the girls on how business is structured. As well as continue to build on the girls knowledge of creation.

The education team spent the day observing the teaching using the new tools and new ways to speak to their students

And the sports/education team went to the upper elementary to work with the students on their basketball skills.

After lunch, we shut down all the ministries so that the team could go out do continue the work of more than nets. We put up almost 400 nets and look forward to doing more nets on Friday.

Then in the evening we shared the words that had meaning for us today. If you want to know what that is like come with us and see.

I am so glad that we are closing in on the goal we are ~18,000 nets short of reach the project goal.