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Bon Air Baptist Church in Ghana: Day 5

Day 5 all of our activities continued.

We shifted our teachers conference to have our leaders spend more times with teachers in training .

Our sports/evangelism team continued to teach the students new basketball skills and despite ourselves they are actually learning things. In the afternoon they had the opportunity to go out and plant 4 churches. James River: 225 members, Unity 108 members, Christ the King: 118 members, Calvary

Our sowing team have completed their first projects and begin the work on Hygiene kits with the girls. They also continued to teach the girls bible stories as well as business development

Pastor training also continues at the newly chartered World Hope Bible Institute- Yendi. What a great feeling to be able to continue teaching about Salvation to the 51 pastors here. If you are curious about what the institute does or how to become a teacher for this great institute go to WHMI.org

We are to that point in the trip where we have settled into the groove of what we are doing (not settled because plans change rapidly here) but the end is approaching. Even though we know this we are starting to realize that the work of the partnership is not done. We are all beginning to think about what happens when we leave and are glad that in this setting we are leaving things that are going to continue to run without us. Sewing will have a daily teacher, Teachers will have instructional videos to view, Pastors will have a quarterly schedule for institute training and we will have a set of students capable of teaching other the basics of dribbling and passing.

God is wonderful because he has allow us to be part of something that will keep working even if we aren’t ever blessed to return to Yendi. We want dependence on God not on us. So we are blessed to be a blessing not congratulated for being paternal.