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Bon Air Baptist Church in Ghana: Day 3

Today was a day of learning in multiple ways and multiple disciplines.  Today we started the new Sewing school with 19 students.

Let me break the day down for you:

We started our Teachers Conference for the NECA-Yendi school. We had all the teachers present from both campuses ~50 and we being the 4 years goal of creating place for educators to come and share techniques that will enrich the schools in Yendi. Bon Air has spent the last 4-5 months pouring over the curriculum in Ghana, not to change it but to create tools, methods and templates to help the teacher inspire the students in new ways. It was amazing to watch Educators work together to create a better school experience for their children and to spend it also talking about Jesus. This conference will continue for the rest of the week.

You might ask what happens to a school full of children when their teachers are in training. Well 650-700 of them played sports with us today.. well loosely it was sports.

We also launched a sewing school today we had 19 students who began by putting together their sewing bags. This program is built to scale the training of the students to accredited status in a 3-4 year cycle. We are in the process of getting machines set up for the first sewing project we have purchased 20 machines for the program

Today we also had the beginning of a Pastor training program. With the Help of World Hope Bible Institute led by Stuart Sheehan we have started teaching today two courses one on Salvation and the other on Hermenuetics it was a great start with 26 student and more to come tomorrow

Day three was tiring and exhilarating for all of us. We all learn something new about ourselves and how missions work in the world. Be more than flexible be fluid!! Come join us!!