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BGAV Venturer in Austria Covered by the Botetourt View

Posted: 9/10/15 at 12:15pm. 

Justin Pierson
Justin Pierson

Next week’s issue of the Botetourt View, a local newspaper covering Botetourt County in western Virginia, features a comprehensive article about Justin Pierson, a BGAV Venturer serving in Austria.

While there, one of his ministry responsibilities will be with the refugees who have fled war-torn areas for the West.

From the article:

His involvement in Vienna will be Projekt:gemeinde, or project:church, and it is a Baptist church in the center of Vienna.

Projekt:gemeinde has started two German-speaking congregations, a Farsi-speaking church of about 40 members and, most recently, a Latino church. Pierson will work with the Farsi community.

“They mostly speak English, but they have come away from a politically unstable area to be in Austria,” he said. “It is not in my comfort zone, but I feel you grow when you step outside of it. I will be about an hour from Vienna at the refugee center. Using my faith, I want to physically help provide for the refugees, a community of about 1,200, as well.”

Justin has served in various aspects of BGAV life, including participating in the 2014 class of the Kairos Leadership Initiative.

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