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Brittney Mumma: Venturer in Panamá

Brittney, far right, with her Panamanian family

Posted: 3/27/2019 at 9:00am. Article by Brittney Mumma.

Greetings from Panamá! God has been so good over my first couple months here in this beautiful country. He has been blessing my relationships and opportunities to engage with the culture, church, and people of Panamá.

It has been so encouraging to witness the love in the body of Christ within a different culture and country. Our brothers and sisters have been very welcoming, loving, and open; and without doubt, the truth of the gospel is being shared through both their words and actions.

Before I arrived in Panamá, I remembered very little Spanish from my classes in high school and college; however, that did not stop me from having a variety of wonderful, deep conversations from the very beginning of my stay.

I am grateful to God for the opportunities to practice and learn the language and culture and for my Panamanian friends and family who have had the patience and desire to converse with me. Communication is a major part in any relationship, and my time here has allowed me to pay closer attention to my surroundings and what is communicated. I have learned so much and certainly have enjoyed my process of understanding the Spanish language.

During my time here in Panamá, it has been beautiful to live life with my host family (who speak only Spanish) and their extended family… from being a proud big sister of two precious girls who are four and 11 years old, to helping the parents who are actively involved in the local church, to doing a great variety of activities with the family around Panamá, to building amazing friendships with the cousins and their friends. My family has been a huge answer to several prayers I prayed before arriving in Panamá. ¡Gracias, Dios!

With Panamá being in its dry season, it has been summer break for the kids; so no day has been the same. And I love it! In January, I assisted in various ways at the church’s summer family, children, and youth camps – from being on the support teams to being one of the teachers for the children’s Bible study time. In February, I assisted with a couple Vacation Bible Schools preparing for classes each day, dancing the choreography for the week’s theme song, and working specifically with students aged six to nine. School begins in March, so I look forward to how God will work in this new phase.

The experiences here have been indescribable, and the beauty of God’s creation and how his Spirit has been moving and orchestrating leaves me in awe and with no words except, “Jehová, eres increíble. To you be all the glory forever and ever.”

¡Gracias por sus oraciones a todos!

Thank you everyone for your prayers!

 Please continue to pray for: 

  • The church (body of Christ) – for vision, wisdom, obedience to their callings, deepened relationships with God and others with Christ at the center
  • My host family
  • My family at home in the US
  • The churches in Panamá that share the Biblical truth, including my church, Primera Iglesia Bautista de La Chorrera : First Baptist Church of La Chorrera
  • Clarity and opportunities for me here and what comes after
  • Whatever God puts on your heart to pray for!

In all grace and love,

¡Que Dios los bendiga, hermanos!  

May God bless you, brothers and sisters! 

Brittney Mumma is currently serving as a BGAV Venturer. For more information about the Venturer program, visit the Venturers page.