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Jim Somerville: Have We Lost All Fear?

I saw another one of those graphs recently. I try to avoid them, but I saw one.  Someone had slipped it into an otherwise helpful article about the church in America. There it was: a graph making it painfully clear that Sunday morning worship attendance continues to slide as fewer and fewer people take the trouble to get up, shine their shoes, and come to church.

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Laundry For Days

Posted: 5/17/18 at 1:15pm. Post by Kimberlee Westlake. As a mom, I couldn’t help but notice some of the daily chores at the center when I visited. The kids all seemed happy, well fed, and clean. I know that accomplishing these things can present challenges at times in my own family of five, so it made me curious as to how …

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Ed Jordan: The Gift of Vision

It is always things like this that bring us back to the reality that God created us with such phenomenal capabilities—like eyes that can see what a camera cannot.

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Want to become a Crisis Care Chaplain?

Disaster survivors are shaken to their core, and our Crisis Care Team provides support to survivors through conversation, care, and concern. We need your help! There are two opportunities coming up in the next few weeks to join the Virginia Baptist Disaster Response Crisis Care Team: What does the Crisis Care Team do? The Virginia Baptist Disaster Response Crisis Care Team provides support to survivors …

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Will Cumbia: The Donauhof

It’s a really quite a remarkable space. Currently very dusty, but even layers of concrete dust can’t hide the character of the space. Most know it as the Donauhof, or Danube court, in English. Throughout its history it has been known as a hotel, a mechanic’s shop, and a woodworking warehouse. Now, my church just wants to call it home.

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Climb Every Mountain

It’s astounding to look back towards the path from which you came---to see how the winding path that didn’t seem to lead to the summit suddenly makes sense from the top of the mountain. Life is similar sometimes, isn’t it? Often our path can seem sporadic and random. As a young-twenty-something, I’ve wondered how all of my experiences could possibly lead to any one clear place.

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