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How Are Your Disaster Response Donations Used?

Did you know? Because of our partnerships and the labor provided by our volunteers, we are able to multiply the effectiveness of every dollar you give so that every ONE dollar given is equivalent in value to more than TEN dollars!

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Tony Brooks: 4 Ways to Help When the Storm Comes

Hurricane Harvey Satelitte

My heart has gone out to all of those affected by the storms this past week. I believe that Bible study classes and small groups in our churches and campus ministries should respond in several ways when storms cause hopelessness in our world. We can provide hope!

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Tony Brooks: How to Start Small Groups to Complement Sunday School

Starting small groups is essential in this day and age for discipleship to be effective for our churches. There are many people who work on Sunday. Others are involved with their children with traveling teams. Sunday School cannot carry the burden of disciple-making! What is our first step to start small groups?

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Ed Jordan: Is God a Concept or a Living Being?

While many people believe in the concept of God, there are many views about what such a God is like. For some God is a simply a detached, philosophical concept and is merely an explanation for all the things humans can’t explain in our universe. For Christians, God is a living being who is alive and interacts with us in our lives each day.

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BGAV College Scholarship Recipient: Cody Billups

Through Cooperative Missions offerings, the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) provides scholarships and ministerial education funds for eligible Virginia Baptist students who need aid in financing their education. BGAV Scholarships and Ministerial Education Funds can help students earn an undergraduate degree, pursue undergraduate or graduate education in preparation for vocational ministry, or access training and continuing education opportunities.

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Tony Brooks: How Small Groups Are Complementary to Sunday School

Sunday School has been a major component of the church’s outreach and evangelism arm since the early 1800s. It has served the church well over these centuries in reaching people, teaching people the Bible, and moving them to being strong followers of Christ through Sunday morning classes at church. Sunday School, in many churches over the years, often had more attendees than those churches’ worship services. We can be thankful for the past.

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Ed Jordan: Along Came God…

It was a hot, dusty day. The shepherd had been out minding his father-in-law’s sheep. It was a tough job in a scorching desert, with scant vegetation or water.  Maybe the shepherd was having a dialogue with himself, evaluating the progress of his life. For 40 years he had been leading sheep through the same desert, and perhaps he was thinking that it was time for a change. After all, 40 years is a long time to babysit sheep.

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Having Fun and Growing in God’s Love: Summer 2018 at Camp Piankatank

Campers at Camp Piankatank enjoyed a fantastic summer season in 2018! More than 390 campers attended the overnight and day camp sessions. They discovered more about God, themselves, and God’s beautiful world while learning about the theme of Treasure Hunt. This year, staffers came from Romania and South Korea and once again made Piankatank an international experience!

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Six Global Examples of Pastoral Succession

Posted: 8/26/18 at 9:40am. Article by Warren Bird. “Every pastor is ultimately an interim pastor. In all likelihood, learning to do succession well is essential for every church leader.” The Global Wave of Pastoral Succession Has Started Recent decades have seen an explosion of global megachurches, many of which are going through their first major senior pastor transition. In my public …

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