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Ed Jordan: Tomorrow is Yesterday

So many people are fearful of the future. What will it bring? I don’t know. But I do know that Jesus will be the same tomorrow as he is today and as he was in centuries past. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

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Spending Summertime for Service

A number of students and young adults are spending the summertime to share Christ's love around the globe. We ask you to say a special prayer for these summer venturers. Whether they are serving internationally in Romania, Vienna, or Ghana, or stateside through Impact camps and Disaster Response locations, they need our support and encouragement from home.

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Tony Brooks: Groundhog Day and Sunday School

It is only when Phil begins to think of others and discovers love that he is able to break the curse of reliving the same day. Could we be under the same curse in our classes? Is it possible that we have blinders on and basically find ourselves going through the motions of each Sunday?

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Ed Jordan: To Discover New Lands, Leave the Old Shore 

It seems to me that America has grown lethargic and unmotivated. Maybe it is because we have been provided with so much by those who came before us, or maybe we have become desensitized to new ideas because of the glut of information that bombards our senses 24/7. Perhaps we have become lazy and lost our work ethic. Am I being too hard on us?  Perhaps, or perhaps not.

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Education Opportunity: Ministry Equipping Network

The BGAV Ministry Equipping Network is designed for pastors, ministers, and lay leaders to be able to enroll in single courses in a specific ministry area or to be able to complete a comprehensive program that yields a Ministry Certification. 

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Timothy Lamm: Reflections on Impact from New York City…

Sitting in the window of a coffee shop overlooking Lexington Avenue and Grand Central in New York City. Watching as so many people pass by. Thinking over the theme More Than Welcome and what it means to welcome the stranger, I find myself coming back to the question, “Who really is a stranger?” We live in a world and a time …

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