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Ed Jordan: He Keeps the Light on For You

In the Bible, the word “light” is often a metaphor for the tangible manifestation of the presence of God. In Genesis, light was created in the first segment of creation, because light made possible the major food chain on the planet. Light corresponded with the clarity and safety of the day, while darkness often correlated with unseen dangers in the night. 

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Impact Mission Camps in the News!

Impact Mission Camps is celebrating 25 years of ministry in 2018! At Impact, students and leaders engage in a construction-based mission experience to ensure that families in the community are warm, safe, and dry.

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Ed Jordan: Understanding the Context

In regard to selling real estate, the important pithy saying is: location, location, location. Location impacts the marketing value of a property. In reading a piece of written literature, or in properly understanding a song or speech, the important word is: context, context, and context.  

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Ed Jordan: Catching the Ball

Is a pitched baseball active or passive? Some would say it is passive because it plays no role in its delivery. Others would say that it is active, because it is moving, perhaps changing direction, and has a specific purpose.

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KLI: Encouraging, Training Young Leaders in Ministry

Last month, ten young adults from across Virginia gathered in the Outer Banks for the 2018 Kairos Leadership Initiative (KLI) Retreat. KLI identifies and develops emerging leaders active in BGAV-sponsored-and-supported collegiate ministries and churches by immersing them in one year of in-depth leadership training. Each year these young leaders gather for three retreats, participate in coaching and mentoring, and read to help them discover their identities in Christ, consider their vocational calling, and live out these things in their contexts.

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Tony Brooks: Two Dangers Teachers Face

Lately I have been doing some classical reading on Christian education as I have reviewed parts of Dr. Findley Edge’s Teaching for Results. In the beginning he mentions two dangers teachers face that can easily be overlooked because they are so subtle and affect us over time.

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