Taylor Hayes: Greater Than My Expectations

As the temperature cools off and college starts again, I reflect on my summer as a Summer Venturer with Impact! Mission Camps. The summer held a lot of God-filled moments, times that the presence of the Holy Spirit was palpable and commonly in unforeseen moments. As a staff member for Impact! Mission Camps, I encountered students who were searching for …

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Spending Summertime for Service

A number of students and young adults are spending the summertime to share Christ's love around the globe. We ask you to say a special prayer for these summer venturers. Whether they are serving internationally in Romania, Vienna, or Ghana, or stateside through Impact camps and Disaster Response locations, they need our support and encouragement from home.

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Timothy Lamm: Reflections on Impact from New York City…

Sitting in the window of a coffee shop overlooking Lexington Avenue and Grand Central in New York City. Watching as so many people pass by. Thinking over the theme More Than Welcome and what it means to welcome the stranger, I find myself coming back to the question, “Who really is a stranger?” We live in a world and a time …

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