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Church Internship Grants: A New Opportunity

Posted: 1/16/19 at 8:00am.

Do you have someone in your church who’s exploring a call to vocational ministry but not currently pursuing a seminary education? Perhaps a student or a second-career adult?

A new opportunity, made possible by the BGAV Scholarships and Ministerial Education Funds, was unveiled at the 2018 BGAV Annual Meeting. Grant applications opened this week for churches who want to provide internship opportunities in ministry settings. The hope is that the internship will be used for the educational development of non-seminary students as they are exploring and responding to a call to ministry.  The internship program will be flexible in time period and type of ministry to explore with the overall goal to expand the pipeline of vocationally trained leaders for the church. Churches must commit to funding at least 50 percent of the total internship costs in order to pursue receiving a grant.

If your church is interested in obtaining a grant, please visit this informational page to learn more about the requirements and details. The grant application is also available via a link on that page.

The deadline for all Church Internship Grant applications is April 1, 2019.