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Church Planting Update: Kairos Community in Lancaster, CA

Posted: 6/28/2017 at 8:00 a.m. Column by Noah Stepro, Pastor of Kairos Community Church, Lancaster, CA.

“We are a network of Neighborhood Churches (NCs) that meet together for corporate worship Sunday nights in a Foursquare Church’s building. This past year, we planted two new NCs and helped transition a 60-year-old Baptist church into a new season of ministry with us. We relocated their small gathering (15–20) from a rented space to an independent senior living community where we now minister to and integrate our church with seniors, ages  85 and up.

Through V3/BGAV, we have been able to fund these new church plants and have grown in equipping our leaders for mission and spiritual formation. We baptized nine adults in 2016 and would love to double that number. In the last week, we experienced several seekers—a gay, agnostic man; a Mormon convert; two former pastors who were burned out from exploitive church leadership practices; a Jewish/Buddhist family in the throes of trauma; and a recently relocated, single Christian woman—all engaging with our community and taking steps towards Jesus and his Kingdom.

In the coming year, we want to plant three new churches and equip, license, and empower several more community pastors. We need and appreciate prayers regarding funding.

We are unwavering in our support of women in leadership positions in our church, and we lost a significant portion of our 2017 budget as a result. We are trusting God will provide in this coming season.”

Noah Stepro, pastor of Kairos Community, preaches to the congregation.
Young church members stuff toiletry bags to distribute to the community.