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Resources for Your Church Amid COVID-19

Drive-in Church and Virginia’s Executive Order

Giving Online to Your Church

Leading in Crisis: Resources for Pastors and Church Leaders

Connecting Non-digitally in Crisis: We Don’t All Need/Have Online Technology

Connecting in Crisis: Using Technology During Social Distancing

Serving in Crisis: Being Faithful as the Church 

COVID-19 Financial Resources for Your BGAV Church

Resources for Age-Specific Ministries

Children’s Ministry Resources

Ways You Can Respond and/or Request Help

Complete any or all of the forms below as indicated, and we will respond as is appropriate.

My church would like to apply for a BGAV grant of up to $1,000
to help our community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Apply Now

I have a story to share about how we are responding
in our church/community to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Share a Story

Can your church facility function as a small scale feeding site? Share information about your church kitchen and resources.
Share Church Resources

I would like to request prayer and/or a personal contact from a chaplain.
Submit a Request

Donate to Our COVID-19 Response!
Give to help BGAV volunteers and churches responding to COVID-19 with grants to support local church ministries and with other response-related ministry opportunities as they arise.
Donate Now

I would like to add my name/my church to the list of state volunteers and/or sites willing and able to respond to COVID-19-related needs in my community.
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About this Resource Page

In the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, churches around the world are having to step back and rethink how “church” can be done. Whether your church is tech-savvy or doesn’t even have an email address, there are resources to help you and your congregation navigate this unprecedented time as a family of faith. There are many, many more available than what you see here, and you can find them yourself using online search engines. We are simply wanting to provide you with a place to start—an abbreviated, categorized list of helpful articles and videos that you may find helpful—all on one web page.

Be sure to bookmark this page and visit it frequently, as we will update it regularly with new resources as they become available.