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Church Spotlight: Vinton Baptist Church dedicates renovated building

We celebrate with Vinton Baptist Church and their newly renovated Children’s Educational Building! The space if functional, bright, and inviting. So far, reviews from the parents and teachers are outstanding.

Here’s what they sent:

vintonbclogoThe renovation of Vinton Baptist Church Children’s Educational Building from fruition to reality has taken over three years to complete, with the actual building demolition and renovation work being completed in just over one year!

The building was originally built in 1951 and had not been “touched” since then! Our goal was to help provide a new space for the children and youth that would serve children, ages birth through 18 years, not only now but in the future as well. So we focused not just on the building, but on also providing current and up to date resources.

There is so much to be proud of concerning the renovation of our Children’s Educational Building. First and foremost, the building itself and the educational space turned out to be a beautiful and inspiring space for the children and youth to learn about our Great God.

Our old space was dark, cramped, and uninspiring. It reminded me very much of prison spaces with the gray cinderblock walls, small collection of dark rooms with no windows, and columns in every corner.

The new space is bright, open, and inviting due to open floor plans, the use of color on the walls and floors, lighting, and large hallways.
Not to mention, the introduction of a Welcome Center, informational bulletin boards in the hallways, and several “wow” moment throughout the space designed to make the kids feel comfortable and inspired by our Lord’s glory.

The space is not only inviting, but also functional and safe! From the chair height, to bulletin board height, to toilet height, everything in the new space is designed to accommodate the age children and youth that work in that space.

Thank you, Vinton Baptist Church, for thinking about us and sending in pictures and the report. Is your church doing something worth celebrating and spotlighting? Let Nathan White, VBMB Web Minster, know!

Check out their pictures: