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Worship & Church Music

The Coordinator for Worship and Church Music Ministries can provide a variety of opportunities for networking and personal consultation in specialized ministry areas, as well as church music and worship staff support and development.

Events, camps and chorales provide opportunities for engaging and growing in worship leadership gifts and skills.

Learn more about Worship & Church Music.

Sunday School

You are not alone in your challenge to make a difference and find success in Sunday School. The Baptist General Association of Virginia wants to be there to train, encourage and inspire you to make a difference in the lives of others as God works through you. Learn more about available Sunday School resources.

Deaf Ministry

The network of Deaf Ministry leaders enable Virginia Baptists to support Deaf Congregations, an annual retreat and other opportunities to minister to deaf persons throughout our region.

Learn more about Deaf Ministry.

Special Needs Ministry

From Sunday School to special events, the BGAV wants to help you minister to individuals with special needs and their families. Find out more about upcoming events and resources for ongoing ministries.