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Virginia Baptist Women’s Chorale

Virginia Baptist Women's ChoraleThe chorale is a group of women who seek to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ through creative worship experiences in a concert setting. Through music, our goal is to affirm the presence of God and spiritually uplift those with whom we gather.

The chorale seeks to provide an avenue for Virginia Baptist women to participate in professional music opportunities. Our diverse membership provides growth, support, networking, and fellowship. We are committed to presenting a message which reflects lives of faith, service and dedication.

The Chorale has led in worship at Denominational meetings and in churches across the state.

Upcoming Chorale Concerts

Contact our office for more information on upcoming events.

Membership Information

The membership shall be open to musically trained women, who are practicing singers, and are involved in a Baptist music program in Virginia.

The chorale has an annual weekend retreat and conducts several (usually 4) concerts a year.

If you would like more information about joining the chorale or scheduling the chorale for a concert please contact:

Carol W. Hill