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Columbia: Preparing Next-generation Church Leaders

Posted: 4/8/2019 at 10:00am. Article by Bronwyn Spaeth of Columbia Baptist Church.

Columbia Baptist Church is a BGAV-member congregation in Falls Church, VA, and they shared with us this innovative new training program they’re offering—one of which is in conjunction with one of BGAV’s partner educational institutions—Bluefield College. If you live in or near that area and are interested in applying, use the link they provided below. If you don’t live in northern Virginia but are intrigued by this idea, consider how your church might get involved in a similar opportunity!

Does your church have high school students or young adults who have a calling to ministry? Do they need education and training? Columbia Baptist Church can help! Columbia’s desire is to develop the next generation of ministry leaders for the local church.

Columbia is launching two new leadership training programs this fall: Bluefield College at Columbia and the Columbia Church Residency Program. These programs include credentialed academic programs, leadership training, and hands-on ministry experience for college students and young adults.

Learn more and apply online at: www.columbiabaptist.org/bluefield andwww.columbiabaptist.org/residency

Bluefield College at Columbia is a two- or four-year undergraduate college program where students take online classes with Bluefield College and intern at Columbia in a ministry area. Their internship counts as college credit, and they gain leadership skills through special programming with our staff. Degree programs are an AA in Ministry Leadership and a BA in Ministry Leadership. It’s an awesome way for college students who are interested in going into ministry to get their education and practical experience at the same time!

The Columbia Church Residency program is a two-year cohort training program for college graduates who are exploring a call to ministry. This program will be 25-30 volunteer hours with a ministry area, including weekly leadership training seminars and other activities. A small monthly stipend will be provided. It’s a great fit for those who are in grad school or seminary or have been working for a bit but feel they have a call to ministry and need some training and practical ministry experience.