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Welcome to the BGAV Express! We are thrilled to offer this magazine for your knowledge and enjoyment. But first, why a magazine? The Internet has been around for 20 years, so why now?

Across BGAV churches and beyond, five generations sit in the pews. Yes, the BGAV has greatly expanded our digital platforms over the last few years, but for a variety of reasons, print is still relevant to a significant portion of our audience. A number of folks prefer the feel of a real piece of paper in their hands. Others, quite frankly, either do not own a computer or even have access to broadband Internet.

Many of the news items and stories contained in this magazine are also housed here on our website. You will note special highlights that direct you to the website for more information.

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Why the name BGAV Express? We as the BGAV are headed on a journey with a common vision: advancing the Kingdom together. Much like an express train, we’re headed toward that common vision in a focused and determined manner. Additionally, this is an “express” version of what is happening across the BGAV. Our website contains the most information. Ultimately, our digital platforms are the future; this magazine is not.

Our prayer is that you will read the magazine and then set it out somewhere for others to read. We’re also interested in your thoughts on the magazine. You may give us a call at (804) 915-5000 or send us an email at Your feedback is vital as we prepare and plan future issues.

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