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Growth-Venture Development Staff

Since the birth of Christ, courage has always been required to follow Him. Courageous churches are vital to the Virginia Baptist commitment to sharing the gospel and demonstrating God’s love in our communities, state, and world. As the culture continues to change, even more courage will be required to effectively advance the Kingdom.

Throughout the scripture, and evidenced in the ministry of Christ, the principal of multiplication appears as an integral part of God’s plan and vision. God’s commandment in Genesis 1:28 to “be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth…” applies not only to the reproduction of His first creation and all subsequent generations, but also to the call to grow exponentially by sharing and passing on our blessings, gifts, and most importantly, the truth that is His salvation and grace.

Thus, ponder the necessity to be courageous, take on the priority of multiplication, and join fellow BGAV congregations and leaders in hopes for movement.

Growth-Venture Development Staff

Chris Backert : [staff-title] Chris Backert
National Director, Fresh Expressions US
Habacuc Diaz Lopez : [staff-title] Habacuc Diaz Lopez
Mosaic, Latino Churches Coordinator, Semillas de Mostaza
Wayne Faison : [staff-title] Wayne Faison
Growth-Venture Staff Coordinator
800.255.2428 or 804.915.5000, ext. 6232
Jerome Lee : [staff-title] Jerome Lee
African American/African Churches Coordinator, Mosaic
800.255.2428 extension 6285
Julie Lukas : [staff-title] Julie Lukas
Team Operations Administrator, Growth-Venture Staff
804.915.5000 x6285
Sang Shin : [staff-title] Sang Shin
Asian Churches Coordinator, Mosaic
Gannon Sims : [staff-title] Gannon Sims
Director of Ministry Formation & Virginia Regional Coordinator, Fresh Expressions US
JR Woodward : [staff-title] JR Woodward
National Director, V3 Church Planting Movement