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CrossRoads Church Gives the Gift of Wheels

Miss Regina. (Photo from The Virginian-Pilot)
Miss Regina. (Photo from The Virginian-Pilot)

The Virginian-Pilot published an article over the weekend about a unique gift from members of CrossRoads Church, Norfolk.

Regina Jordan is a popular crossing guard at a local elementary school where many of the church’s children attend.

Spence Network Uptick Alum Kevin Tremper is pastor at CrossRoads. According to the article, he said that “Miss Regina” has a big personality and that she is friendly and funny.

Recently, her 20-year-old van gave up the ghost and she needed a new ride. Church members saw the need and stepped in and collected over $16,000 for an SUV with relatively low miles.

The article explains that:

Miss Regina’s new ride has 53,000 miles on it, but to make sure a “blessing doesn’t become a burden,” the church covered it with a three-year warranty, some prepaid maintenance and one year’s worth of insurance.

“I was knocked off my feet,” Miss Regina said.

May God bless the members of CrossRoads Church and Miss Regina.

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