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Day 4: More Nets with More Than Nets

On Friday, the Appomattox Baptist Association team in Yendi travelled back to the village they visited on Wednesday to continue distributing nets. 191 nets were installed, completing the mosquito netting project in that village. In addition, Rev. Chad Harris (Calvary Baptist Church) completed a two-day intensive course on the Holy Spirit for 24 pastors, and Diane Lee and Heather Swanberg (Providence Baptist Church) held a women’s training on the Fruit of the Spirit.

Brian Bennett of Providence Baptist Church in Red House, VA, has distributed dozens of mosquito nets this week, but he has also had the opportunity to help plant new churches and even helped baptize new believers. He had this to share about the experience of distributing nets and serving the people of Ghana:

Simple mosquito nets: this has been the focus of our trip since we started planning to come to Ghana. But since our arrival, it has been far more than just nets. As I started planning for this trip, it was hard to envision how a simple net can make a life-saving difference – but they do! Our travel this morning took us an hour and a half past the end of the paved road to a very large village at the end of a single-lane dirt path. In this village, 1000 nets have been placed, with our team installing 200 nets Wednesday and the final 191 today.

As we walked through the village, children came from everywhere to carry our supplies (nets, nails, rope, and hammer). The huts we entered were made of mud walls and thatched roofs. The floors were solid and clean but contained only the essentials for life in this remote area. This very remoteness required water to be carried in on the heads of the women. Electricity was very rare and all the cooking was done on open fires. But what a world we live in! As we were taking pictures of them on our digital cameras and phones, many of them had their phones in hand taking pictures of us!

Having looked in the faces of all the children today, I can say YES – the nets make a difference. As the families opened their huts for our nets, the village children started to learn songs about Jesus. Our prayer is that this village will open its doors for a church and that the people will open their hearts to Christ.

Keep the team in prayer tomorrow as they distribute nets to another small village and prepare to worship and teach in local churches on Sunday