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Day 2: Saving Lives One Net At A Time

Today was one of several net distribution days for the team. Thomas Reeves and Brian Bennett (both of Providence Baptist Church), Rev. Reggie Warren (Union Hill Baptist Church), and Rev. Adam Tyler (Grace Hills Baptist Church) went with several Ghanaian Baptist personnel to the village of Bofoyiai to distribute nets. 200 nets were distributed to homes in this small town, where a church had already been planted through the More Than Nets program.

Thomas Reeves had some thoughts to share about the experience:

“I feel very blessed, fortunate, and privileged to be a member of the Appomattox Baptist Association team in Ghana this week. I made a tentative decision to be part of this team when given the opportunity in June 2016. I did not know then how it would happen, but with willingness, prayer, work, and determination, I was able to come and serve the Lord and live out the Great Commission.

Today I was able to help hang mosquito nets in the sleeping quarters of the village huts in nearby Bofoyiai. With four team members and some local helpers, we were able to hang 200 nets. Upon arrival, I was struck by the way the people of the village were very receptive and seemed most grateful for us to hang the nets. Children and women came from every direction to join us. The ladies would allow us into the sleeping quarters and the children flocked around wanting to help tie strings on the corners of the nets and hang them (though we and our Ghanaian partners did the actual hanging of the nets). We tied the nets by strings and straps to nails in the wall, covering a bed or mattress on the floor with the protective net.

Experiencing the villagers’ thrill of getting something new and getting to care for these people has left me (and I think the rest of the team) with a feeling that we are doing a great service and ministry in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to talk and visit with the folks at the end of our work. It was wonderful to see the joy of adults and children alike just to look at the screen of a camera and see the picture you just took. Even more fulfilling was the feeling that the work of installing the nets will help prolong life without disease for the people we met. All of this leaves me with the thought that if the Lord were to instruct me to come back, I would not hesitate for a moment.”

While half of the team distributed mosquito nets in Bofoyiai, three other team members went to Hopewell Baptist Church in Binchinkiyado. While there, Heather Swanberg and Diane Lee (Providence Baptist Church) led a women’s training, and Rev. Chad Harris (Calvary Baptist Church) baptized 11 new believers. Rev. Scott Curtis (Providence Baptist Church) concluded his pastor training for 24 pastors today as well in Yendi.