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Dear New College Graduates

(Creative Commons License)
(Creative Commons License)

Posted: 5/27/15 at 8:15am. By Katrina Brooks.

As you begin your “grown up” jobs this week remember the next two weeks will be hard. Sorry, but it is true.

You will have so many new things to navigate and one of the toughest is getting up each and every morning, driving to work, trying to figure out your new job and putting in a full day.

You will also have to learn things like what to have for lunch at work, how frequent can you head to the restroom, what constitutes a break and how often can you take them, can you eat at your desk, what is appropriate to wear to work (which means keeping clothes clean), and is it acceptable to have a water bottle on your desk.

In addition you will have apartment/house cleaning, budgeting, shopping for groceries, cooking meals, washing clothes and making sure they are “ready for work”, auto maintenance, exercise, finding a community of faith and your own bedtime.

Here’s the kicker, when you were in college, classes dictated how much time you spent on these things. Meal plans, the on campus athletic facilities and your residence hall washing room factored into your choices and then there were the “I can get up and move, grab food or nap once class is over” concept. These luxuries are gone. Your job, your apartment/house and your money now factor into your choices. And how many of you realized your first paycheck isn’t coming for about two weeks or longer?

The sheer exhaustion of all of these things will make the next two weeks long and hard, but please DO NOT give up.

My friends, this is your now.

You got this. The degrees you received earlier this month are proof that you can do this. In a short time you will wonder if there really was a time like now…a time when you threw yourself into bed at 8pm because 6 am was fast approaching, a time when you skipped the party on Friday night in lieu of sleep, a time when you tossed your game system into the closet to keep you from being tempted, a time when you were too exhausted to turn on the television and barely had a moment to connect with your friends online. But my friends, this is your now. It is a short season, but is a most difficult time.

For now…….

  • You have to sleep.
  • You have to eat healthy.
  • You have to increase your water intake.
  • You have to take your medicines and vitamins.
  • You have to exercise……..at least walk and stretch.
  • You have to breathe….deep and long often throughout the day.
  • You have to take some time for silence to think and meditate. 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes before bed.
  • You have to make time to practice spiritual disciplines…start with finding a place of worship.

Yes, you will want to continue these things after you settle into your job smile emoticonbut for the next two weeks, please make them a priority. They will help you settle in quicker and feel better as all these changes and new things become your normal.

Know that those of us who have walked where you are now stepping are proof that this season is survivable. It is hard and difficult, but it is survivable. We believe in you and we are praying for you as you adjust. Feel free to call one of us and ask us to grab some food. Let us pay for the meal and pick our brains about what it means to be a professional. Know we care and we are counting on you to take care of yourself.

Peace for the journey. Remember: YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rev. Katrina Brooks is the Baptist Collegiate Minister at Lynchburg College. She originally published this note on her Facebook profile.