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Disaster Response Update: Hurricane Dorian

Updated: 9/9/19 at 9:15am by Dean Miller.


All volunteers are now in STAND DOWN from a response for Hurricane Dorian in the U.S.  There is no need for mass care feeding and it appears that there will be little to no need for our assistance with recovery efforts.  The affected states to our south appear to have their needs covered at this time. As far as Virginia is concerned, we continue to monitor the situation but all current indicators point to minimal damage and no need for any response larger than those being handled by local congregations.  If you hear of any needs then please feel free to communicate that information to our office and we will be more than happy to respond. 

At the same time we want to continue to lift up our brothers and sisters living in the Bahamas.  Virginia Baptist Disaster Response leaders will be involved in several calls with leaders in the Bahamas and will formulate a potential response plan for the coming weeks and months.  Once a plan is finalized we will make you aware of opportunities to serve.  Virginia Baptists have always been generous in offering their resources to help those in need and we anticipate that the needs will be great in the Bahamas.  As we move through this hurricane season please set aside time to PRAY, GIVE, and GO as we work alongside our partners and make a difference for the Kingdom.



Posted: 9/4/19 at 12:15pm.

Hurricane Dorian has finally left the Bahamas after doing a great deal of destruction to the island nation. We anticipate responding in that region as we receive requests in the coming days.

Regarding Virginia and the rest of the East Coast, we continue to plan and prepare for what may occur. Our units and volunteers have been placed on alert and are ready to serve when called upon.

We have been asked by North Carolina Baptist Men to have a kitchen ready to respond should it be necessary.  And of course we are ready to assist in Virginia as the storm continues to track in our direction. We are in communication with the Department of Emergency Management and stand ready to respond when requested.

If you desire to assist with our response, you can:

PRAY for those already affected by the storms, for first responders and others who are serving their communities, and for wisdom in how we all respond and react to these events

GIVE: Financial contributions are always the best way to assist. You can do so by clicking here.  We are currently NOT ACCEPTING any in-kind contributions of flood buckets, hygiene kits, clothing, or other similar items

GO. If you are a Disaster Response trained volunteer then please check your calendars and determine your availability to serve during this active hurricane season.  If you have not trained but would like to do so, click here and begin our online introductory course which, when completed, will put you into our callout system. We also still need volunteers (no training necessary) to continue our recovery efforts in Pollocksville, NC. You can click here to register a volunteer group through our partners in North Carolina or contact Kristen Curtis for more information.