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Posted: 5/12/20 at 3:00pm. Written by Gannon Sims.

While COVID-19 has disrupted our community gatherings–it hasn’t stifled our community rhythm. It’s forcing us to innovate, to grow in maturity, and to dream again about the people we’re becoming. During this season, we’re meeting for daily prayer on Facebook, in cadres of 4-5 people online, and through Sunday night discipleship for our core leaders (using Zoom).

Our community is finding even more life with the slower pace. We’re learning to waste time together in closer groups. Households and families are working through differences. Several of us are celebrating in weekly house churches (no more than 10 people at a time). Three couples in our community are getting married (and having very small ceremonies, of course!). The slower pace is leading us to people of peace and places of openness we couldn’t have seen in the midst of our “regular programming.” It’s a breath of fresh air. Val Ortiz, a UMW freshman, calls this season “a storm we couldn’t predict, but a storm that is showing what matters most–and it’s becoming a beautiful storm.”

Through the storm we’re growing, both as The Center for Faith and Leadership–focused on training and equipping collegiate and young adults and as The Center Community–a core group of us who have become one another’s primary worshipping community as we live our faith on our college campus, in the places where we work and in the neighborhoods where we live.

Disruption is a funny thing. It takes what we thought was best and makes it into something better than we could have imagined before.

Gannon Sims is Co-director of the Center for Faith and Leadership at University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA.