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Diversity is Difficult Everywhere

Dean MillerDean Miller, BGAV Missions Development Staff Coordinator, is currently in Ghana in support of More Than Nets.

He is blogging from Ghana about what he’s seeing and experiencing while there.

As I sit among many Ghanaian leaders from various denominations it is clear that there is one concern that looms large among them.


There have been many, many churches planted across the country in the last decade with most of them having been started in the north. And most of those churches are thriving communities of faith. Ghana consists of over 60 different tribes but the majority of churches planted have been among one tribe. It’s not that the churches don’t care about these other tribes. It’s just that this particular tribe has been more accessible and open to the gospel.

Now, there is a concerted effort to reach out to people of other tribes. But, reaching them is more difficult. Different languages; different backgrounds; different belief systems. Can one people group reach across the aisles and open their hearts and doors of worship to a different people group? Is it possible for these tribes to worship together? If it is possible, is it even beneficial?

Reaching these other people groups will require the churches to adapt their philosophies and change strategies from what has worked so well for so many years.

Their struggle is real. And, it is a struggle we share in Virginia and across our own nation. I look forward to what we might learn from them.

Pray for these leaders and the challenge before them. Pray for wisdom. Pray for their strong desire for diversity to translate into action, acceptance (not tolerance), and community.

Dean Miller