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Don Campbell: In God’s Image


Don CampbellDon Campbell is the Stewardship Development Specialist for the Virginia Baptist Mission Board.

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Have you ever given thought to the fact that most commercials seem to make you uncomfortable with where you are in life or what you have or what you are wearing? The idea is to create a sense of discomfort in order to get you to buy the products of the advertiser.

If you indeed did buy the product did you feel more comfortable or saddened by the receipt in your hand? You can actually hire a professional “image maker” if you are unhappy with whom you are.

However, long before commercials, glitzy ads or HD Television, long before creams, powders, salves or injections your image was already designed by the Lord God.

It was God who echoed the words from on high “Let us make man in our image”. And so we are.

While it is alright to be concerned about our physical appearance i.e. image it is equally important to be concerned about our spiritual image.

It is that image that reflects God’s love, grace, righteousness and goodness. It is that image that will inspire the lives of others and allow them to see a bit of God’s care and concern.

Being a steward of life, of possessions, of resources, of money is one way of reflecting the image of God who assigned every created being with the responsibility of being a faithful steward.

May your image proclaim and your stewarding affirm the presence of the Holy in your life.