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We Are Easter People And Resurrection Is our Song

By Don Davidson


Spring time burst upon us suddenly last week. After the overly-long winter season and a few false starts, almost overnight it seemed, the cherry blossoms and other flowers appeared! We don’t go over to the city to see them every year– but we needed to this time.

2014Don_Audrey_Cherry_BlossomsOn Friday Audrey and I rode the Metro in and spent the afternoon walking along the Tidal Basin. We took our own pictures and then volunteered to take pictures of families and couples who wanted mementos of the experience.

“We are skipping work”, one young lady told us. “Please don’t tell”.

Well, then, I wouldn’t post this on Facebook if I were you, I replied.

Spring means new life, a coming back from the dead of winter’s chill, and we saw it all around us. Even on the faces of the people jostling for just the right view of the blossoms and the Jefferson Memorial in the same frame. Everyone was friendly and no one seemed bothered by having to stop and wait for the second snap, just in case.

Easter came into our world just as suddenly, and dramatically. There had been a centuries old longing for God and His kingdom to come, and it had briefly seemed to come true with the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth.

But He had died a violent and tragic death. People who realized that death is without exception “final” had to chalk up those quick 3 years as just one more false hope. No one was expecting a resurrection.

But that’s what they got! Even the disciples who had heard Him promise were stunned and slow to believe when first they heard that it had happened. But they finally came around, and until their dying day could not stop telling others that it was true.

“Jesus Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!” That’s how believers throughout the centuries since have greeted each other on Easter Sunday, and that’s what we will be saying in unison this coming Sunday.

It is news that is simply too good to hold in. It will show on our faces and be revealed in how we respond to each other throughout the day– and maybe for the rest of our lives, too.

Rev. Don Davidson is senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Alexandria.