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Ed Jordan: Five-lettered Life Changers

Posted: 1/19/18 at 8:00am. Column by Ed Jordan.

Think of something, represented by a five-letter word, that almost everyone in the world has encountered and that often has changed the life of the person who encountered it. What would be the word you would choose?

Ask your friends this question, and you’ll discover some of the five-lettered words they value. What word would you choose? Grass? Ocean? Foods? Phone? Books? Movie? Radio? Fires? Light? House?

While all of those words are five-letter words, and most of them meet the criteria, these are not the words I had in mind. How about the word music?

Music has probably been around since the creation of humans. Music is found in every culture. Even deaf people love music. Music has the power to encourage the discouraged, give hope to the hopeless, soothe a frazzled soul, and lift up the eyes of the downcast. Music can take us to different places and expose us to different cultures.

Music touches us and leaves its imprint.

Music conveys love, happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, movement, and rest. Music comes into us through our ears but also through our eyes, emotions, and touch. Music comes into us, and music comes out of us. Music has tones and dissonance; it has rhythm and meter. It can have harmony, melodies, and counter melodies. Music can consist of one voice or hundreds of voices or instruments. Music can be heard in the day or in the night, in the light and in the dark.  Music can get your foot tapping and your voice singing.

Music touches us and leaves its imprint. How often is a memory triggered by hearing a song. Sometimes we remember an event not by the calendar date but by what songs were playing during the event’s date. Music can move us when nothing else can get through our personal defenses.

In what ways has music made an impact on your life?

In mine, it has been a traveling companion when I used to travel alone on desert roads. It kept me awake at night while driving. Music helped time pass at work, or while I was studying. Music helped me understand many things about God.

People often sing songs about how God changed their lives. Some hymns in church hymnals are full of good spiritual truths that helped me when I needed it. “No, Never Alone” reminded me that no matter how lonely I felt, or how bleak a situation looked, Jesus had promised to always be with me. When it seemed like the world was going crazy and God seemed absent, music would come into my heart saying: “Have faith in God; He’s on his throne. Have faith in God, he watches over his own.”

When feeling like life wasn’t fair, God’s music would arise in my mind or heart, telling me to count my blessings, to name them one by one, and to realize how actively God is involved in my daily life based upon how he has blessed me. Music helps us express love, joy, laughter, and hope. When was the last time you sang to someone? What did it do to their mood or demeanor?

Music is probably one of the most important and influential five-letter words in our culture. Or is it?

Actually, there is another five-letter word that leaves even music behind in the dust by comparison to the impact it has made up humanity. What is that word? Jesus.  Jesus spoke as no one else spoke in the history of the world. Whenever Jesus enters our lives, our lives change dramatically. Jesus conquers our fears and doubts, heals our pain, renews our perspective, and empowers us to take on the impossible.

In Acts 4:12 (The Message) we read:  “Salvation comes no other way; no other name has been or will be given to us by which we can be saved, only this one.” Jesus is the only one who can save us from ourselves, and save us from our self-destructive behavior. Only Jesus can forgive us of the sins we have committed and restore us to a healthy relationship with Eternal God. Jesus is life and gives us life; Jesus is light and gives us light; he is love and loves us for eternity. Jesus changes our nature, changes our values, changes our priorities, changes our hopes, changes our dreams, and gives us the power to do what God placed us here to accomplish.

Jesus is the song, the music, the mover, and the healer. Music is great, but the gift of music can never be as great as the eternal giver of that music! Jesus is the music of life and of eternity; let Jesus change your life today!

ed-jordan2Award-winning columnist Dr. Ed Jordan is pastor of Gwynn’s Island Baptist Church, Gwynn, VA. You may also read his past columns.

He can be reached at szent.edward@gmail.com.