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Emerging Leaders Team

The Emerging Leaders team works with leaders of all ages and all walks of life and vocational calling. Our goal is to help those leaders discover their identity in Christ, explore their personal strengths and gifts and fully live the life that God created them to live.

The emerging leaders team identifies and equips emerging leaders

  • who are lifelong leaders and learners
  • who see the current realities and future possibilities
  • who lead competently, humbly and boldly

Lifelong Leaders and Learners

Ignite is a retreat for middle school students that is high energy weekend designed to ignite a passion for the faith journey of your middle school students through Bible studies and meaningful worship. Ignite focuses on a person from the Bible each year, allowing them to connect and develop a passion for Scripture.

Journey is a retreat for high school students and is designed to give students the tools they need to be lifelong learners, leaders and disciples of Christ. Each year, the retreat will focus on one spiritual discipline and breakouts will include personality and spiritual gifts assessments all designed to equip them for a life of faith now and the journey ahead.

Fall Gathering is a retreat for college age young adults (18-25) designed to foster an environment of worship, fellowship and spiritual retreat among a broad and diverse group of young adults throughout the Kairos network.

Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) is campus based ministry to college students and young adults, forming Christian communities of discipleship, worship, fellowship and missions service in college communities.

The annual Church Weekday Education Conference provides training, ideas and networking opportunities for teachers and directors of faith-based weekday preschool programs and can be counted toward required training hours.

Current realities and future possibilities

ELM stands for Emerging Leaders Media and is the umbrella for the media and technology resources. The website includes links to free devotional books for deciding to Christ for the first time and one for those exploring a call to ministry. There are also links to the pinterest, facebook and twitter accounts all designed to provide resources for leadership development. ELM Weekly is a weekly email that provides links for five articles or other resources found online that are designed to equip emerging leaders for their diverse roles.

Certification in Children’s or Youth Ministry programs are designed for those with a commitment to ministering to children or youth and their families and will expand their knowledge of ministry programming, volunteer recruitment and training and more.

Forum (formerly Youth Ministry Forum) is a two day training event that occurs each May for youth and young adult ministers.

Age Group Consults and other emerging leader consults can be provided by our team or we can provide connections to other leaders that are serving in similar contexts.

Lead competently, humbly and boldly

Kairos Initiative focuses on building a collaborative community of collegiate and young adult ministries to increase effectiveness in College Age Young Adult Ministries with a three-fold focus: to develop disciple leaders, to build community and to serve on mission.

Learning communities are facilitated learning groups of leaders who either share in common ministry contexts or who convene for a season to learn from specific books, conferences or other pertinent resources.

Personality and Strengths Assessments: Utilizing the latest assessment tools we help leaders better understand their strengths and growth areas and determine helpful strategies for optimizing their impact. We provide assessment consultation for individuals and teams.

Living in the identity of Christ – Living out the mission of Christ.

Emerging Leaders Team

Chelsea Anderson : [staff-title] Chelsea Anderson
Associate Baptist Collegiate Minister, Old Dominion University

Scott Anderson : [staff-title] Scott Anderson
Baptist Collegiate Minister, Old Dominion
Katrina Brooks : [staff-title] Katrina Brooks
Baptist Collegiate Minister, Lynchburg College
Jeffrey Buffkin : [staff-title] Jeffrey Buffkin
Baptist Collegiate Minister, William & Mary
Darrell Cook : [staff-title] Darrell Cook
Baptist Collegiate Minister, Virginia Tech
Caitie Jackson : [staff-title] Caitie Jackson
Baptist Collegiate Minister, University of Richmond
Janice Kiehm : [staff-title] Janice Kiehm
Baptist Collegiate Minister, Longwood University
Carlie Linde : [staff-title] Carlie Linde
Associate Collegiate Minister, Virginia Tech
Dietrich Linde : [staff-title] Dietrich Linde
Associate Collegiate Minister, Virginia Tech
Welford Orrock : [staff-title] Welford Orrock
Kairos Collegiate/Young Adult Coordinator
800.255.2428 or 804.915.5000, ext. 2246
Charity Roberson : [staff-title] Charity Roberson
Field Strategist, Ministry Placement Coach
800.255.2428 or 804.915.5000, ext. 2244
Suzie Schmitt : [staff-title] Suzie Schmitt
Associate Collegiate Minister, Virginia Tech
Carey Sims : [staff-title] Carey Sims
Baptist Collegiate Minister, University of Mary Washington
David Taylor : [staff-title] David Taylor
Bluefield College, Campus Minister
Pam Traylor : [staff-title] Pam Traylor
Volunteer Minister, Mary Baldwin College
Nic Uebel : [staff-title] Nic Uebel
Baptist Collegiate Minister, Virginia Commonwealth University
Mattie Wezah : [staff-title] Mattie Wezah
Associate Collegiate Minister, College of William & Mary
Zeko Wezah : [staff-title] Zeko Wezah
Associate Collegiate Minister, College of William & Mary
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