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Emerging Leaders Events

Are you a Virginia Baptist partner who has a youth ministry event you would like to promote or a leadership development opportunity you want to make others aware of?

Are you looking for a great event for your student ministry? Are you looking for opportunities for leadership development?

These calendars are creating a platform to better connect those planning events and those searching for them. While we have not had part in planning these events, one of our BGAV partners has. Since we represent a variety of churches and organizations, you have a wide variety of opportunities to find something that fits you and your church.

Happy Posting and Searching!

If you’re having an activity you would like to share, scroll down to submit information about the event. Please allow at least 72 hours for information to appear on the calendar. In order to be added to the calendar, at least one of the hosts of the event must be a BGAV partner.


Contact our office for more information on upcoming events.

Event Submission: