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Congregational Field Staff

Our team’s mission is to partner with God as His Kingdom advances through an intentional, energetic matching of clergy & churches; through nurturing healthy relationships & caring networks; and through growth opportunities & spiritual renewal.

Field Strategists on our team offer many resources. They work in their regions to:

  • Network with pastors
  • Train and assist local church search committees in filling staff positions
  • Promote leadership development opportunities
  • Help churches utilize plans for reaching the lost
  • Offer helps and assistance to churches, associations, and pastors
  • Help church leaders develop strategies for church growth and church health
  • Serves as a resource person in networking churches with other needed resources
  • Train Deacons in Spiritual Gift/Passion Team Ministry
  • Advise leaders in developing resources in Sunday School and Discipleship ministries
  • Resource church leaders and employees with financial support planning needs, including retirement and insurance plans
  • Promote the work of the BGAV

Association Map - color

  • Northern Region (orange)
  • Southside Region (light blue)
  • Central Region (blue)
  • Capitol Region (pink)
  • Southwest and New River Valley Region (yellow)
  • Tidewater Region (green)
  • Valley Region (red)

The Congregational Field Staff can also provide assistance, networking, and resources for:

  • Bi-Vocational Ministry
  • Career Assessment
  • Church Administration Brochures and Resources
  • Coaching
  • Continuing Education/Sabbatical

Congregational Field Staff

Jim Ailor : [staff-title] Jim Ailor
Field Strategist, Northern Region
Tony Brooks : [staff-title] Tony Brooks
Field Strategist, Southside Region; Sunday School/Discipleship Specialist
Jeff Cranford : [staff-title] Jeff Cranford
Field Strategist, Central Region; Compensation Planning Specialist
Eddie Heath : [staff-title] Eddie Heath
Transitional Facilitator
Tom Ingram : [staff-title] Tom Ingram
Minister in Residence, Traditional Worship and Church Music


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